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Hello From Queerantine

By Karma R. Chávez and Lisa L. Moore. We stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues, and all Black people. We will be devoting our September issue to Black issues. Until then, stay safe out there.

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Audio QT

Queer Performance, Pleasure and Possibility

Podcast hosted by Karma R. Chávez Karma Chávez talks with OUTsiderfest board member and LGBTQ Studies Affiliate Laura Gutiérrez about multidisciplinary art, queer performance, and how no matter what, we ensure that attention to pleasure is not forgotten.

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Qt Deep Dive

“Nest of Homosexuals” Leads to 1944 Firing of UT President

“My criticism is letting that kind get on the faculty in the first place.”
— Orville Bullington, a University of Texas Regent in 1944 during the nationwide targeting of queer faculty and students that came to be known as the “Gay Purges.”

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Student Spotlight

In Praise of Legitimate Toilet Paper

In middle school, the only youth group I had available to me was based at a local church. The leader was an experienced priest who frequently went on tirades about any marginalized community she wanted to pick on for the week. Needless to say, I didn’t stay in that group… read more 

More Than Possible

by Jose Hinojosa I began my internship for the Texas House LGBTQ Caucus in September of 2019 not really knowing what to expect. The Caucus is a non-partisan group within the Texas House of Representatives, dedicated to providing a forum for Texas legislators to discuss the issues that affect LGBTQ… read more 

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Scholar Spotlight

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Queercore Extols Wild, Defiant Imaginings

by James Gabrillo Midway into Queercore: Queer Punk Media Subculture (Routledge, 2018), author Curran Nault introduces us to Tribe 8. Formed in San Francisco in 1991, the band performed on-stage antics that embodied gender rage and confrontational eroticism — stunning spectacles of sadomasochistic fantasies and sex toy castrations.  Their act… read more 

Sharing An Awkward Moment: Intimacy with Becca Blackwell

by Chad Bennett Celebrated New York-based actor and performer Becca Blackwell’s one-person show, They, Themself, and Schmerm, was staged for lively crowds gathered at Austin’s intimate Crashbox theater space on November 11 and 12, 2019. The performance was curated by LGBTQ Studies Faculty Affiliate Paul Bonin-Rodriguez, as part of the… read more