Is Red Wine Actually Heart Healthy?

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It is a widely held notion that red wine is healthy for the heart. The links between red wine and a decreased number of heart attacks aren’t fully understood. Regardless, there are some doctors that think red wine prevents plaque build-up and decreases the risk of heart disease. But exactly how valid are these statements? And how much wine is necessary to get the benefits while not risking liver damage and the other harmful effects of alcohol?

One theory regarding red wine and its positive impacts on the heart is that substances in the wine (such as resveratrol) are  healthy for the heart. Resveratrol is an antioxidant that has been suggested to protect the lining of blood vessels thus hindering coronary blockages and conditions that cause heart attacks. Some research indicates that there may be a correlation between resveratrol and lower risk of heart disease but none of them are definitive.

If you’re thinking about adding red wine to your nightly routine in the name of health, be informed not just about the benefits but also the risks of drinking alcohol. Despite red wine’s potential in leading to better health, wine is still an alcohol and should be consumed cautiously. Those who are pregnant, have liver or pancreas disease, or have a history of alcoholism should avoid drinking entirely, while healthy adults should drink red wine in moderation. That means limiting yourself to one glass a day if you choose to follow the hype and start drinking red wine.

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