Here we list the poetry of Tom Palaima covering his interests in classics, Dylanology and war and violence.

“Monad Noir (translation of Horace Carm. 1.38),” Arion Third Series 3.2&3 (Fall 1995/Winter 1996) 177-178. || PDF Download

“As Told To Wallace Terry,” War, Literature and the Arts 15 (2003) 171-172 || PDF Download

“Grassy Knoll Covid Morning” in Athenaeum Review. July 12, 2020. || PDF Download (includes only the photo and poem, not the accompanying text) || Online URL

“Temporary like Achilles #2” and “Kerouacts 1-6,” The CI Poetry Project Recomposing Heroes of Classical Inquiries Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies Oct 8 2020 || PDF Download ||  Online URL

I ‘Visions of Desolation: Cleveland 1965 Austin 2012’. The Dylan Review Vol. 2.2, Winter 2020, Poems || PDF Download || Online URL

II ‘Don’t Look Now: Reading Aloud to Ghosts’. The Dylan Review Vol. 3.2, Fall/Winter 2021-2022, Poems || PDF Download || Online URL

III ‘Strutting and Fretting’. The Dylan Review Vol. 4.2, Fall/Winter 2022-2023, Poems || PDF Download || Online URL

“Kyrie, Eleison” in Athenaeum Review. Issue 7. Summer 2022. || PDF Download