Background Information about the Interviews

These video recorded interviews contain comments from business executives who discuss cultural issues that are of interest to North Americans.  The object of the interviews is three-fold: First, provide practical cultural information. The opinions represent those of real people who gave personal perspectives. At times these comments are even contradictory, but they are designed to be a catalyst for discussion, not to provide a definitive answer about some stereotype; Second, the interviews provide language learners with samples of vocabulary in the context of a professional setting.  This is actually a rare treat for language learners;  Third, these materials provide non-native speakers of Spanish with multiple examples of natural speech, illustrating the way that speakers really talk. Part of the value in the interviews is that the comments are not scripted or memorized, but are what each actually stated

These materials were created with joint support from the The Center for Global Business – Texas McCombs and  University of Texas LAITS (Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services). The following individuals worked to record the subjects, transcribe the interviews, and transcribe the comments:

Marina Alexandrova (University of Texas at Austin)

Kerstin Birkholz (University of Texas at Austin)

Jeanette Chen (University of Texas at Austin)

Orlando R. Kelm (University of Texas at Austin)

Marc Rathmann (Purdue University)

Midori Tanaka (University of Texas at Austin)

Haidan Wang (University of Hawaii at Manoa)


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