Welcome to our Spring ’18 Semester

Welcome to the Spring ’18  School of Nursing semester. HNSA has been having a great year so far and we are excited to let current and prospective members know about all of our upcoming volunteer opportunities and activities (some events may be restricted to student classifications or member status). Go to our “calendar” tab for more information and to sign up. You can also join our Facebook Page for updates and information HERE . We hope to see you at our next meeting!

Feb. 9 CHAMPS-

Meet high school students in Austin ISD and tell them about the challenges and rewards UT nursing students experience.

Feb. 12& 13 SoN Simulation-

Bring your acting skills to the School of Nursing and help the Junior 1 students practice their nursing skills in a simulated patient room.

Feb. 17 Best of Nursing-

Join the School of Nursing faculty, staff, and student body welcome future nursing freshman to their new school.

New HNSA shirts

New shirts are in! Head over to our “fundraising” tab to see what they look like and learn how to get your shirt.

Member point system

Our point system determines if you are an active HNSA member can qualify you for graduation cords. Go to our “members” tab for more information and to view your points.