Logo Design!

Hello All,
The details for the CSOO Logo design contest are as follows:
  • Mainly in between undergraduate and graduate student member of CSSO.
  • You are allowed to promote the contest among your friends and encourage them to submit the design.
  • Design must be original and include “CSSO”. You are welcome to add a catchy phrase as well.
  • The design can be monochromatic or multicolored.
  • The following UT trademarks and logos may not be used: Seal design, tower design, Hook em Horns®, Bevo,®, Lady Longhorns®, Longhorn Silhouette, running mascot caricature, longhorn caricature, Helmet logo, Texas w/ longhorn design, Hook em hand sign, Hook em™, Get Hooked™, Horns™.
  • The design should not have your name, EID or watermark on it.
  • It could be digital or hand drawn. If submitting digital design: Files must be in .ai (Illustrator), .psd (Photoshop) or .pdf(Acrobat) file format; Resolution minimum of 300 dpi required, 600 dpi preferred. For hand drawn, it should be neat and clear, and if your design is selected, you will be required to provide the high resolution digital design for official purposes.
  • Email the entries to me (kanchan.uta@utexas.edu) by Friday, September 20th 11:59 pm.
  • A code name will be given to each design before bringing in to the pool for fair voting.
  • All the CSSO members (and other interested students who submitted the design) will receive link and instructions to vote. The design will be voted on the basis of context and instant appeal.
  • The design with maximum number of votes will be announced as the winning entry.
  • Members submitting the design will enter in a raffle where two names will be drawn for CSSO themed prize.
  • The winner of the contest will win the grand prize of Safety Conscious Plush Mole Doll by ACS. However, it is very much open for discussion if guys are not in to plushies. 😀
  • Moreover, the submissions and the winners will be published on social media pages (very soon) and the CSSO website (in future).
Please feel free to email me (kanchan.uta@utexas.edu) or Juliette (jstrasser@utexas.edu) with any question you have.