About Us

The Engineering Chamber Orchestra (EChO) is an organization open to all musically inclined students, faculty, and staff throughout The University of Texas at Austin.  We are housed in the Engineering school, but open to all majors!

Our mission is to preserve musical interest and appreciation by encouraging our members to promote music in the community. We offer members the opportunity to participate in unique chamber ensemble experiences and a casual, fun orchestra not found anywhere else on campus.

EChO members rehearse a variety of music in ensembles of two to five members and/or a chamber orchestra. At the end of each semester, they have the opportunity to showcase their efforts in a public concert series. Members also have opportunities to promote music by teaching kids about the science behind music and performing at nursing homes.

Founded in the fall of 2009, EChO was immensely popular from its inception, with 70 new members grouped into small ensembles. In the spring of 2013, EChO started its first ever orchestra with only 13 string players.

As of Fall 2019, an audition for placement in the orchestra is no longer required! 

We hope that you will join our wonderful organization. For more information, feel free to contact echo.president@gmail.com or join our email list here.

Please visit us on our social media platforms as well!




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