No audition is required for members who would like to join the orchestra only.

To audition for a small ensemble, see the instructions below:

Audition Preparation

To give us an idea of your playing skill and pair ensemble members up, record yourself playing 1-2 minutes of music you think represents your playing ability or what you like to play. The Google Drive link to submit your video can be found in the Member Preferences Form (MPF). Also, please fill out the music preferences form!

Email us at or message us on Facebook for questions about the audition process!

2 Replies to “Auditions”

  1. Hello,

    I am Jayanth, and I am a classicaly trained (indian classical)musician in the instrument – Mridangam (a south indian classical percussion instrument) . Although, I have not got my instrument over here and hence cannot audition using that. Also, I am a trained classical vocalist too. For that, can I make a video (audition) and upload? I.e. can vocal/singing audition be recorded as a video and uploaded?


    1. Hi! You’re more than welcome to make an audition video for vocals. From what the interest in small ensembles looks like so far, we may have a place for a vocalist this semester! Go ahead and upload a video and fill out the Music Preferences Form (accessible from the Upcoming Events page), but wait to pay dues until we are sure we have an ensemble that works with vocals for you.
      Thanks for your message and please email me at or the president at for any questions you have!

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