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Are you interested in playing music in a relaxed environment with other UT students? Still want to keep up your musical talents, but you don’t have time to join the University Orchestra or Longhorn Band? Want to play music with other people on your own schedule? Would you like to meet other longhorns who love music as much as you do? If you answered any of these questions with a resounding yes, we invite you to become a part of the Engineering Chamber Orchestra and sharing your music with us this semester.

Spring 2024 Member Preference Form is due Saturday, January 20th at 11:59 PM. Sign up through our Member Preferences Form (MPF) and pay your dues to join! 

Check out our recruiment flyer for more information!

Recruitment Calendar


Dues are $25 for this semester.

Pay in cash
We will take cash payments in person during office hours. Please check the Google Calendar to find times to do this. Alternatively, reach out to Preston or Anna to set up a time outside of the office hour schedule.

Pay online with PayPal:
1. Log onto your PayPal account.
2. Click on the “My Paypal” tab and click “Send“.
3. Enter in the email address “
4. Enter in the correct amount, $25.00 (dues only) or $30.00 (dues and shirt).
5. If buying a shirt, please indicate your size and color in the comment box.
6. Continue with the rest of the prompted instructions and send payment.

During the Semester

Small ensembles (trios, quartets, etc) are free to set their own rehearsal schedule throughout the semester and even decide to change what they are playing as they please. Note that a 1-2 minute audition video is required for new members to join an ensemble so that players can be matched accordingly by level and musical interest (no players are turned away for ensembles). At the end of the semester, all ensembles have the option to perform in a concert open to other EChO members, friends, family, and the public.

Orchestra members attend rehearsal on campus on Wednesday evenings during 7-8:30 pm. A detailed schedule with blockings for each piece chosen for the semester will be released at the first general meeting. For this semester, the repertoires are


At the end of the semester, a concert is performed for the chamber orchestra to play for the public. No audition is required to join the orchestra and we accept players at all levels.

Throughout the semester, other optional opportunities to perform will arise, ranging from community service at retirement homes to sharing our sound at bake sales on the UT campus.


Being a part of EChO does not end with the final concert; many ensembles elect to stay together for future semesters of musical enjoyment. Also, individual members can form a new ensemble the following semester if they would like to try something new and play with other musicians.


Social events will be held 2-3 times a month for EChO members to get to know each other outside of rehearsals and meetings. Look out for game nights, movie nights, Austin Symphony Orchestra concerts, and more!

4 Replies to “Prospective Members”

  1. Hey I’m a chemistry grad student who playa viola. I’m interested in participating in a relaxed orchestra setting. What is your time commitment over the semester? And would I be able to audition next semester?

    1. Hey Christopher!

      Sorry for the late reply. It’s been a busy end to the semester! You’re more than welcome to join EChO. The time commitment is largely dependent on your involvement in the group. If you’d like to be a part of the full orchestra, we rehearse twice a week on Monday and Wednesday evenings for 2 hours. If you’d like to be in a small group, the time for your rehearsals will be selected by you and your fellow members. You can rehearse as little or as much as you’d like to be prepared for the concert at the end of the semester. To get info about auditions for next semester, give us a like and follow us on our Facebook page!


      EChO IT Director

  2. Hi there.
    I’m a mathematics undergrad who plays piano and harpsichord. I’ve been playing piano and harpsichord since four. I was wondering if you accept harpsichord players.

    1. Hi Ruizhen! Sorry for the late reply, but you are definitely welcome! I think you can fit into some interesting ensembles, or even the orchestra (I remember seeing harpsichord in Carmen’s suite which we played last year). You can fill in the MPF ( to join us! Also check out our slack channel (!

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