City of Austin Partners

Parks and Recreation Department (PARD)

PARD’s mission is to produce and maintain sustainable natural spaces for the public. They are responsible for the preservation of public land and maintenance of urban forests and trails.

Their Park Ranger Cadet Program’s promotes youth leadership and equity in the park system. They work with youth “to move into their power as leaders and environmental stewards in order to collectively create a more sustainable and equitable park system.”

Watershed Protection Department (WPD)

WPD is primarily responsible for the integrity of city creeks, drainage systems, and stormwater and erosion controls. As they are charged with protecting life, property and the environment from water hazards, they play an important role in implementing and maintaining safety measures.

Public Works Department (PWD)

PWD facilitates the design and management of major capital improvement projects, including urban trails, and is responsible for the trailhead entrance, which had been a functional road before the acquisitions of homes. Additionally, the Neighborhood Partnering Program (NPP) of the Public Works Department works with communities to improve public spaces, including park improvements through the development of murals, mini parks, rain gardens, trails, and community gardens.

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