Why Research?

Working with the IOE offers many benefits, including 35 years of providing survey services to a variety of organizations across the country. From utilizing the latest technologies to creating specialized, professional reports, we provide high-quality service and products that meet the changing needs of your organization. We specialize in Engagement Survey benchmarks and can work with your organization to identify opportunities for comparison, both internally and externally. IOE staff also produces various publications and resources which contribute to the employee engagement and organizational excellence research and literature.

Benchmark Data

We survey municipalities, non-profits, and state agencies in 35 states. This data allows us to produce numerous benchmark groupings. Engagement Survey benchmarks include:

  • Overtime
  • Similar Size
  • Similar Mission
  • All Respondents
  • Higher Education


The Institute for Organizational Excellence is continuously enhancing the survey experience for all of its participants. This includes improvements in soliciting organizations, collecting survey data, and distributing the results using the latest technologies. With these technologies, we can produce more informative results customized for each organization as well as provide a collection of additional reference material for leadership and employees.

  • We utilize the latest technology to capture and analyze data, to provide timely reports, and to assist you and your organization in administering your survey.
  • Our web-based data collection is capable of thousands of simultaneous hits. The IOE has redundant systems ensuring data integrity through sequential and full backup procedures and provides for minimal server downtime. Various methods of data collection are used as appropriate to specifications of the defined project. We also maintain the most current and reliable hardware systems and our custom data collection system allows for anonymous collection of employee data.
  • Administrators of our Customer Surveys have the option to utilize our Thought Bubble Comment Handling System to collect, report, and track client/customer feedback.

Research and Reports

The IOE compiles organizational data, analyzes it, and then returns the results to the agency approximately one month after data collection stops. For Engagement Surveys, the agency is strongly encouraged to share results with all survey participants in the organization.  This helps build trust between employees and management and encourages employee involvement and ownership of how the data can be used to improve both workplace conditions and customer satisfaction.

  • Engagement Surveys: Engagement Survey reports include demographic data, item and construct analysis, and category responses in clearly displayed text and graphical formats. We provide both Executive Summary and Data Reports. The Summary emphasizes high and low scoring areas in a graphical format; provides a customized report based on diagnostic criteria; and gives organizations a quick way to tell what their strengths and weaknesses are. The Summary is also designed to help leaders focus upon areas needing attention and action. The Data Reports provide the survey results for each construct and individual item and provide the benchmark data. Both Executive Summary and Data Reports come standard with each agency Category as well.
  • Customer Surveys: Customer Service Survey reports include demographic data, item analysis, and category responses in clearly displayed text and graphical formats.
  • Texas State Agencies receive results and information that can be inserted directly into their strategic plan or reporting requirement.
  • Agencies also receive results in discrete datasets in Excel file format.