Standard Customer Service Survey

The Standard Customer Service Survey assists organizations in gathering information from customers regarding the quality of service delivered by that agency. Better, more timely understanding of who the customer is and what creates satisfaction is as important for government as it is for business. Customer Service data provide comparisons between what the organization sees as its accomplishments and the perceptions of others that have an interest or “stake” in the organization. External data are gathered to gain insight into customers’ or clients’ preferences for products or services provided by the organization, customers’ views of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, and to find what improvements are desired.

The IOE Standard CS Survey offers many benefits including over 10 years of experience in gathering, analyzing and reporting customer and client feedback. Consistent wording of instrument questions provides benchmarking opportunities and allows for organizations to monitor performance over time.
Full-Color Reports include numerical and graphical data with related narrative, description of the data measures, at-a-glance overall scores, dimension scores, a detailed item summary page, verbatim comments, and over time comparison data.

The IOE assists Texas State agencies in collecting data for the Customer Service Standards Act (SB 1563, 1999). For additional information about this, please visit our Texas Government Portal or for further information including a quote please contact us.