Survey of Employee Engagement (SEE)

Noel Landuyt, PhD
Nicole Duson, Systems Analyst
Geoffrey Treitel, Software Analyst

State of Texas agencies, higher education institutions, non-profits, private organizations, school districts, etc. 

Project Categories/Tags:
Employee Engagement, Employee Satisfaction,

The Institute for Organizational Excellence surveys about 250,000 Texas public employees every two years to assess a variety of employee engagement benchmarks. The Survey of Employee Engagement (SEE) assists leadership, informs organizational development, and supplies insights for strategic planning by identifying the overall level of employee engagement and specific scores on detailed items in areas such as communication, supervision, quality, teamwork, pay and benefits, training, diversity, ethics, management, engagement, and technology. The data provide information not only about employees’ perceptions of their organization’s effectiveness, but also about their satisfaction with employers. The SEE is available in multiple versions customized to different employment sectors. All surveys are also available in Spanish and are fully accessible.