Texas Workforce Commission Customer Service Surveys

Noel Landuyt, PhD, Director
Nicole Duson, Database Coordinator
Josh Cuddy, Graduate Research Assistant

Texas Workforce Commission

Project Categories/Tags:
Workforce Development, Customer Service, Satisfaction, Online Services

The Institute for Organizational Excellence worked with the Texas Workforce Commission to conduct customer service satisfaction surveys for four different customer groups: unemployment insurance claimants, job seekers using “WorkInTexas.com” to find vacant positions, employers using “WorkInTexas.com” to find qualified candidates, and employers managing unemployment taxes. The survey asked about satisfaction with the website and its ability to match job seekers with quality open positions and employers with candidates. It also asked about employers’ experience using the unemployment tax application and whether the information provided by TWC was clear and helpful.

Key Findings:

  • Unemployment insurance claimants generally had a positive view of WorkInTexas.com, with 81% agreeing that they would recommend the website to others.
  • However, only 10% strongly agreed that WorkInTexas.com was effective in locating quality job openings, and 16% disagreed.
  • About 30% of unemployment insurance claimants agreed or strongly agreed that they were pleased with the number of job openings they matched.
  • Almost half of the employers surveyed felt that the number of job candidate referrals they received from TWC was too few, and about 58% did not end up hiring any of the referred candidates. However, 85% of the employers noted that they would recommend WorkInTexas.com to others.
  • Of the employers who used unemployment insurance tax services through TWC, 94% said they would recommend the product/service they used to others. Over 80% of these employers were satisfied overall with the products, services, and information they received.