December General Meeting, Dec 3, 2014, 7 pm, Shack, ETC 10.202

The UT Amateur Radio Club will have its last general meeting of 2014 on Wednesday, December 3, 2014, at 7:00 pm in the Shack in ETC 10.202. (For those not familiar with our shack, take the elevator to the 9th floor, and find the stairway on the North hallway and arise to the 10th floor)

Andrei Loghin is the new club president for 2015, and Kris Drewniak has joined the board. Walt Fair is recovering in Houston and will be back with the club in 2015.

As usual, all are welcome to this meeting, and we will be reviewing the status of our amateur station and will likely spend most of the time in the shack making contacts and learning about the new configuration. For those not familiar with amateur radio, we will spend some time explaining this fascinating hobby and the requirements for obtaining an FCC license.

Look forward to seeing y’all next Wednesday.

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