It’s 2017, and we are STILL alive and well

We have been meeting constantly since the last post, but that is certainly not clear from this site.

Here is some news about the club for 2017:

Andrei Loghin, our past president has graduated from UT, and the new president of N5XU is Michael Christoffersen.

Our Spring, 2017 meeting schedule is:

2/9 – ETC 2.114
2/22 – RLM 6.112
3/9, 3/22, 4/6, 4/19, 5/4 – ETC 2.114

On the operating front, here is an extract from Andrei’s status report:

Yesterday we became operational on 80m! The 20/40m dipole has been transformed
to an 80/40m. We used the wire from a very old dipole.

Shout out to Dale (our electrician), Christoff, and Fred for helping out on the

Initial antenna analyzer measurements showed a 2.6 SWR around 3.65MHz. The peak
is very narrow, so it’s a picky 80m wire. You will need to tune, however we
have full band capability. Dipole also has a 1.2 SWR around 7.15MHz. The peak
here is much more broad.

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