Field Day 2021 Results

Field Day 2021 at Mt. Bonnell was a blast! We had 6 people join us, and made 8 contacts on 20 meters before we had to clean up and leave. Two people made their first PSK31 contacts. The setup was as follows:

  • Yaesu FT-450D, up to 50 W out
  • OCF dipole around 6 feet up on the summit of Mt. Bonnell (Covert Park, EM10ch)
  • Solar and battery power
  • PSK31 via fldigi on a laptop

We also set up a second station with an end-fed wire and the club’s FT-847, but did not end up using that one.┬áIt was also a whole lot of fun to meet club members in person after more than a year of online meetings!

Field Day Operations 2021

A quick (unofficial) tabulation of points follows.

382 points from 8 digital QSOs and some bonus points

We’d also like to thank Stefano N5STT for letting us use his transceiver, tuner, and antenna, and Glen WB4KTF for the complete solar system, and many other hams around Austin for their valuable advice.

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