Graduate Students

Amy Nichols, PhD, MS, RD ’22
Dissertation Title: Novel Approaches to Examine Weight Trajectories in High-Risk Pregnancies: Maternal Obesity and Twin Gestations
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University School of Public Health, Department of Nutrition

Rachel Rickman, PhD, MS, RD ’23
Dissertation Title: Examining Body Composition and Growth Patterns of High-Risk Infants
Current Position: Metabolic Dietitian, Dell Children’s Medical Center, Genetics and Metabolism Clinic

Undergraduate Researchers

Yash Motwani, BS 2019     Public Health

Jessica Dziuba, BS 2019 Honors Nutrition

Mariam Eid, BS 2020 Nutrition

Ryan Kwong, BS 2020 Nutrition

Caroline Riley, BS 2020 Nutrition

Inaara Aly, BSA 2020 Nutrition

Rebecca Choi, BSA 2021 Nutrition

Samantha Bovino, BS 2021 Nutrition

Julia Smith, BS 2021 Honors Nutrition

Sophie Lee, BS 2021 Honors Nutrition

Emy Merriman, BS 2021

Minji Hong, BS 2021 Nutrition

Helen Nguyen, BS 2021 Nutrition

Lauren DeMasie, BS 2022 Honors Nutrition

Jose Castellanos, BS 2022 Nutrition

Solina Chem, BS 2022 Nutrition

Gabriella Colon, BS 2022 Nutrition

Damini Patel, BS 2023 Honors Nutrition

Mariana Lozano, BS 2023 Nutrition

Haley Etzler, BS 2023 Honors Nutrition

Jean Nie, BS 2023    Nutrition


Marcela Salinas Domene, BS 2023

Gabriella Toral-Garcia, BS 2023 Nutrition

Poorna Menon, BS 2024 Biology