Welcome to The Widen Lab

We study how nutrition before, during, and after pregnancy shapes later maternal and infant health. We also focus on infant nutrition and growth and the role of caregivers in healthy infant feeding. Our ultimate goal is to improve the health and livelihood of mothers and their children. Our laboratory applies an interdisciplinary life course approach to the intersection of nutrition sciences with reproductive, perinatal, pediatric, and nutritional epidemiology and behavioral nutrition.

Our team develops and applies advanced analytic methods to elucidate the role of nutrition in early life on short- and long-term health, and develops and applies interdisciplinary intervention programs that aim to improve nutrition and health during pregnancy, infancy and early childhood. Our research specifically targets high-risk and understudied populations, including under- and un-insured predominately Hispanic families in the Austin area, and other people at heightened nutritional risk. In our work, we integrate advanced body composition assessment methods including imaging, quantitative methods, and non-parametric trajectory modeling.

Meet our Widen Lab Team Members and learn about our current research projects.