Program Committees

Seminar Planning Committee

Jana Busby, R.Ph, Central Texas Pharmacist Dedicated Trainer, HEB Grocery Co.

Rannon Ching, Pharm.D.Pharmacist in Charge, Tarrytown Pharmacy

Jackie Cox, Pharm.D., BCPS, Research Pharmacist, Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD)

Mikaela DeBarba, Pharm.D.Pharmacy Manager, HEB Grocery Co.

Mari Deiter, R.Ph, Staff Pharmacist, Champs Pharmacy

Libby Gibbs, R.Ph., Owner, KIW Pharmacy Consultants, PLLC

Allan Hawkins, R.Ph.,MS Director, Pharmacy Services, Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD)

Amanda Jacot, Pharm.D.Staff Pharmacist, Forty Acres Pharmacy at The University of Texas at Austin

Xan Janiga, Pharm.D., BCPS, Clinical Pharmacist, Texas Oncology Pharmacy

Amy R. Jones, Pharm.D., Director of Pharmacy, St. David’s South Austin Medical Center

Paulina Zelenay McAtee, Pharm.D., Clinical Research Pharmacist, Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD)

Carla Portnoy, R.Ph., Clinical Oncology Pharmacist, Texas Oncology Pharmacy

Neesha Thakkar, Pharm.D., BCPS, Pharmacist Clinical Coordinator, St. David’s Medical Center
Stephen Vickers, R.Ph., Pharmacy Manger, Randall’s Pharmacy

Terry Weaver, R.Ph.Pharmacy Director, Forty Acres Pharmacy at The University of Texas at Austin

Kristin Wilson, R.Ph., Pharmacy Consultant

Seminar On-site Committee

Lisa Carlson, R.Ph., Pharmacy Consultant

Sandra Eich, Pharm.D., Critical Care Coordinator, South Austin Medical Center

Thomas Guerra, R.Ph., Director of Pharmacy, SA/West, HEB Grocery Co.

JoAnn Hinojosa, Pharm.D.
, Staff Pharmacist

Jeff  Warnken, R.Ph., Owner, 38th Street Pharmacy

Sandy  Warnken, R.Ph., Owner, 38th Street Pharmacy

UT CPE Staff Committee

Jennifer Bosworth, Pharm.D., Assistant Director, UT Continuing Pharmacy Education

Glen Baumgart, Ph.D., Director, UT Continuing Pharmacy Education

Jody Michael Curtis, Event Coordinator, UT Continuing Pharmacy Education

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