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ACPE LogoThe University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education.
This knowledge-based activity is approved for 9 hours of LIVE continuing education credit and 16.5 hours of HOME STUDY continuing education credit.  In order to receive CE credit, the participant must complete the virtual activity sessions (whether live or recorded) then complete the online evaluation that follows each accredited session.  After an online evaluation is submitted, CE credit is transmitted directly to CPE Monitor within two weeks.

Important Note About LIVE CE Credit: To receive LIVE CE credits for participation in the LIVE Broadcast, online evaluations must be submitted within 7 days of the event (BEFORE October 4).  After 7 days have passed, the live sessions are transitioned to On Demand sessions that only offer Home Study CE credit.

2020 PPS ACPE Universal Program Numbers

On Demand

Live Sessions

2020 Immunization Update (2.0 hours)
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-063-L06-P/T
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-063-H06-P/T

The Pill Turns 60: A review of Oral Contraceptives (1.25 hours) 
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-064-L01-P/T
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-064-H01-P/T

Pain, Opioids, and Choices: When Tapering and Safety Collide (1 Hour)
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-098-L08-P/T
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-098-H08-P/T

Communicating with Patents about Prescription Monitoring Program (1 Hour)
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-066-L08-P/T
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-066-H08-P/T

2020 Sterile Compounding Update (2 Hours) 
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-067-L07-P/T
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-067-H07-P/T

2019 Sterile Compounding Back to Basics – Part 1 (1 Hour) 
ACPE# 0067-0000-19-056-H07-P/T

2019 Sterile Compounding Back to Basics – Part 2 (1 Hour) 
ACPE# 0067-0000-19-058-H07-P/T

Diabetes Management: Injectables and Continuous Glucose Monitoring (1 Hour)
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-096-L01-P/T
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-096-H01-P/T

New Trends in Treatment- Resistant Depression (1 Hour)
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-097-L01-P/T
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-097-H01-P/T

Mental Health First Aid (1 Hour)
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-098-L04-P/T
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-098-H04-P/T

Preceptor Development (1 Hour)
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-099-L04-P/T
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-099-H04-P/T

Introduction to CORE ELMS Experiential Learning Management System  (1 Hour)
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-100-L04-P/T
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-100-H04-P/T

ADHD Management Across Ages (1 Hour)
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-101-L01-P/T
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-101-H01-P/T

Dietary and Natural Treatments for Mental Health Disorders: Fact vs. Fiction (1 Hour)
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-102-L01-P/T
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-102-H01-P/T


 Saturday, September 26, 2020

Unconscious Bias (1 Hour)
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-055-L04-P/T 
ACPE# 0067-0000-20-055-H04-P/T 

Whats the Point of Care in Pharmacy Practice (1 Hour)

Immunization Update (1.25 Hours)

Asthma Treatment Update (1 Hour)

Going Viral: Update on Respiratory Viral Infections (1 Hour)

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Help! Is there a Pharmacist in the House? (1 Hour)

2020 New Drug Update (1.25 Hours)

Texas Pharmacy Law Update+ Q&A (1.5 Hours)


ACPE LogoThe University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education.

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