We are excited to announce that the Selected Proceedings of LSRL50 will be published as an Open Access volume within the new Open Romance Linguistics series of Language Science Press.

Initial Submission for Peer Review:

To submit the manuscript version of the paper or poster that you presented at LSRL50 for peer review, please follow these guidelines.

      • Maximum length of paper, including title, abstract (150 words), examples, figures, tables, and references:
        • If your initial manuscript is in MS Word: 8,000 words
        • If your initial manuscript is typeset in LaTeX:  20 pages
      • Follow the general style rules from Language Science Press for formatting your paper (see below)
      • For glossing of examples, follow the Leipzig Glossing Rules (see below)
      • The manuscript should be anonymous (no authors’ names)
      • Send as a pdf attachment to:

Final Submission of Accepted Manuscripts:

If your manuscript is accepted for inclusion in the selected proceedings of LSLR50, it must be typeset in LaTeX. A general template for typesetting papers in edited volumes in Language Science Press is available on Overleaf.

We will post the recording of the LSRL LaTeX tutorial from LSRL50 with specifics on typesetting syntax and phonetics soon.

LaTeX documents:

Some additional style rules:

  • Use single quotation marks only for translations or for specifying the semantic content of object-language material
  • Use italics for object-language material, small caps for linguistic categories
  • The “hierarchy” is italics > bold > underscored (i.e. use italics before bold and so on)
  • In English, use sentence case, i.e. avoid capitalization except for very established terms like “Mimimalist Program”
  • Avoid academic “we”
  • Use “p < 0.05” rather than “p < .05”