Spotlight: Ezzeddine Elmir

Name: Ezzeddine Elmir

Major: Biochemistry

HCMP Role: Intern

Classification: Junior

Other Associations: American Medical Student Association, Health Science Scholars

Describe a shadowing experience that has impacted you the most

Shadowing Dr. Whitaker in the Emergency Department at Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas has been one of the most eye-opening experiences I have had in my time in ¬†HCMP so far. Dr. Whitaker is extremely passionate about her patients and her role as their healthcare provider. During my observation period, I began to discover, for the first time, what a typical day for an ER pediatrician is like. The cases I saw ranged anywhere from teenagers who attempted suicide to a 7-year old girl who had diabetes to young children who had minor cuts or bruises. This broad range of patient demographic and Dr. Whitaker’s adaptability to the patient dynamic has reminded me of how malleable doctors should be with their patients and how coordinated they should be with other healthcare professionals to ensure that patients get diagnoses and treatments effectively and accurately in a fast-paced environment such as the Emergency Department.

How has HCMP benefited your professional or individual goals?

HCMP has benefited me in several ways: first of all, the experiences I have had so far with the physicians I shadowed and getting to observe the doctor-patient relationship has been an inspiring and profound experience for me. HCMP has been able to deliver an experience that I might have had difficulty getting otherwise. Second, the people I have met in HCMP are all truly unique and each has a story to tell. HCMP is structured in a way that allows everyone, whether it be an intern or coordinator or director, to feel included as a member of a student-run organization, rather than just being in a program. As the semester goes by, I am sure to further benefit by the plethora of opportunities HCMP has to offer.

What has been your favorite aspect of HCMP?

I love how HCMP has provided me not only with the unique opportunity to shadow physicians and other healthcare professionals, but to also network, grow new connections and make new friends with like-minded individuals in a close-knit community.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to read, cook, and play basketball.