Preceptor Perspective

In addition, some of the health professionals that participate as mentors in the program gave their opinions about the Health Careers Mentorship Program.

“The success of this program is a big victory. All of you [HCMP members] provide a stimulus to us. It’s really a gift.”
Dr. Bryan Holland, M.D., Medical Director of Austin Medical Education Programs

“There was no program like this at the University of California in San Diego where I attended undergraduate school. I think such a program would have been helpful. To give students the opportunity to see what medicine is all about, and see whether it’s really what they want to do is wonderful. For the physicians involved in the program, it’s re-energizing. These enthusiastic young people have lots of energy and passion that is contagious.”
David Wright, M.D., former family practice residency director at Austin Medical Education Programs, then Central Texas Medical Foundation

“I was able to get a better sense of what medicine was like. It’s easy being a pre-med to lose sight of how fun it is to help somebody…to have a relationship with a patient.”
Tory Meyer, M.D., pediatric surgeon at the Dell Children’s Hospital, also had the experience of a mentorship program before he attended medical school

“What started out to be a small, unsanctioned student organization has become a growing, student run entity that is much in demand as a valuable educational experience. These interns bring their fresh insights and enthusiasm to TDH programs that are hard at work making Texas a healthier state.”
Tom Turner, former Volunteer/Intern Coordinator at Texas Department of State Health Services