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Interested in physician shadowing and learning about the world of medicine? If your answers are “yes”, then you just might be a perfect fit for the Health Careers Mentorship Program here at the University of Texas at Austin! To find out more about us, check out the categories above.


The Health Careers Mentorship Program is a continued partnership between Austin Medical Education Programs, the Texas Department of State Health Services, members of the SETON Healthcare NetworkSt. David’s Children’s HospitalSt. David’s South Austin Medical CenterSt. David’s Medical Center, and Travis County Medical Society. The program is established to teach mature students about the clinical and non-clinical aspects of the health care system. Selected individuals will develop communal relationships with the Austin community, and they will gain valuable and practical experiences. The health professionals will play an instrumental role in the development of tomorrow’s practitioners as mentors for HCMP interns. This program provides an environment that fosters intellectual growth, ethical ideals, and business values.


This experiential educational program is designed to allow committed students to:
• Gain insight into the practical aspects of the health care field
• Build rapport with health professionals
• Learn about the impact of managed care
• Apply their gained knowledge towards making career decisions
• Develop interpersonal and technical skills
• Acquire leadership experience through administration of the program

Students gain exposure to the allied health professions as well as network within the medical community. The program offers the student the opportunity to view the other aspects of medicine: legal issues, research topics, non-clinical atmospheres, community clinics, public health awareness, and medical ethics. The organization overall provides an insight into the field of medicine, as well as the educational processes required for that career.

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