Coordinator Perspective

“The coordinator responsibilities are an essential aspect of Health Careers Mentorship Program membership. Not only does this role promote leadership growth and development, it also offers numerous opportunities for professional networking. The coordinator role was instrumental in shaping my own professional career goals as it helped me understand the administrative aspects of the medical career. The experiences I have gained from my coordinator role impacted my application for medical school and it continues to help me develop into the best physician I can be.”
Ben Ma, Baylor College of Medicine Student

“After reaping the benefits during the intern semester, the coordinator semester is the time to give back to this wonderful organization. This organization not only opens so many doors, but it gives you so much to talk about during your medical school interview. Not only do you get to talk about the amazing things you saw during your intern semester but you also get to show how you are capable of leading an organization and molding good leaders to take your place. The coordinator semester is a chance to stand out from the rest and make this organization something to strive for.”
Nicolle Fernandez, Spring 2010 Coordinator (now at UT Southwestern)

“While the intern semester is what probably draws people to the program, the coordinator semester is just as valuable. You are able to shape your leadership skills and step up into role that helps mold and better the organization. As a coordinator, you begin to appreciate all the work that goes into making this organization great! It rewarding to be able to continue to hear the interns’ experience and see organization expand.”
Kaitlin Whelan, Fall 2010 Coordinator

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