Spotlight: Sofia Silver

Sofia Silver

Name: Solfia Silver
Major: Neurobiology with a Business Foundations Certificate
HCMP Role: Director of Recruitment
Classification: Senior
Associations: Zeta Tau Alpha, Global Medical Brigades, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi

Describe a shadowing experience that has impacted you the most. 

During my intern semester, I had the opportunity to shadow OB/GYN Dr. John Harkins at Brackenridge Hospital. Before this shadowing experience, I thought I was set on becoming a pediatric specialist because of my love for children. However, after shadowing Dr. Harkins, my eyes were opened to a new specialty. Dr. Harkins was immediately welcoming, receptive to my questions, and eager to tell me about his experiences. While this was my second rotation of HCMP shadowing, Dr. Harkins was more passionate about his job than any of the other physicians I had shadowed before. He couldn’t stop telling me about how rewarding his career in OB/GYN had been, and how he would go back and do the same thing over again in a heartbeat. Throughout my morning at Brackenridge, we checked in on several patients of his who had just undergone surgery. I was incredibly impressed by how well he knew patients on a personal level. This day helped me to realize that I wanted to enter a field where I could build these types of trusted, long-lasting relationships with my patients as well. Dr. Harkins also let me observe a hysterectomy being performed by one of his colleagues. This was one of the more gruesome surgeries I had seen, but watching the group of surgeons work together as a team to successfully complete the surgery allowed me to appreciate the importance of teamwork, communication, and collaboration not only in the medical field, but in an operating room. Overall, Dr. Harkins’ positive attitude and love for his profession motivated me in my pursuit of a medical degree, and allowed me to realize that OB/GYN could be a great fit for me in the future because of how rewarding the profession can be.

How has HCMP benefited your professional or individual goals?

HCMP has benefited me because it gave me the opportunity to shadow doctors from a very wide variety of specialties. I had only shadowed a couple of doctors prior to being an HCMP intern, so I used to be unsure if medicine was truly the career for me. However, after just a few weeks of shadowing, I was reassured that I was willing to put in the time and hard work to become a doctor. My experiences in HCMP and conversations with a large magnitude of doctors and health professionals allowed me to realize that I was interested in medicine for the right reasons. I could finally picture what it would be like to be a practicing physician one day, and I was thrilled about being able to do so. HCMP therefore provided me with the perfect motivation to continue my hard work towards getting into medical school so I can eventually fulfill my life-long dream of becoming a doctor.

What has been your favorite aspect of HCMP?

My favorite aspect of HCMP has been getting learn about a wide variety of medical specialties. I was able to shadow pediatric and adult doctors from fields such as urology and pediatric surgery to primary care and retinal surgery. And even though I finished my shadowing semester last fall, I still enjoy getting to hear reflections from interns’ shadowing experiences. I have been able to remain informed about the medical field, and I love hearing the varying perspectives of our interns every week.