Month: February 2020

The Case of Many Indices – A Study of Disaster Risk Reduction Indices

We live in an age of information. Every day, we are collecting even more data that gives us more insight, and when combined with the modern computation power, helps us improve our understanding of our world. Indices leverage this information

Room to Step-Up: Australia’s Bid to Maintain Influence in Oceania (1/2)

As China becomes increasingly assertive in Oceania, Australia seeks to reinforce and strengthen ties with its Pacific neighbors. However, its success in reengaging the Pacific will depend on its willingness to step up on climate issues. Australia has long been

When is a refugee not a refugee?: ‘Climate migrants’ in Oceania

Climate change is reshaping Oceania. Rising sea levels are physically changing the boundaries of island nations, rendering some coastal areas uninhabitable and leading to saltwater contamination of freshwater resources. Increasing ocean temperatures are causing fundamental shifts in fisheries’ food webs,

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Heading to higher ground: Uncertainty in elevation data and sea level rise can under predict affected populations

One of the most visible threats to Oceania is sea level rise. Rightly so, as the Pacific Community (SPC) has estimated that the vast majority of people living in Oceania live within 1 kilometer of the coastline. What can seem

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Disease Outbreak Pt. 1: What Climate Disaster Means for Disease Outbreak

In many climate disaster related conversations, there is a villain that often flies under the radar. Communicable diseases are not at the forefront of climate change discussions. Island shores disappearing, dwindling water supplies, intense storms, air quality, and pollution all

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