Month: November 2019

They are Islanders: Japan in Oceania

As global interest in Oceania grows, Japan is actively looking to deepen its ties with Pacific Island Countries (PICs). Japan has a long history of engagement in Oceania; Japanese Prime Minister Abe has said that Japan and the PICs share

Is Domestic Violence a Security Issue?

This post is cross-posted at the Duck of Minerva For my course on climate security in Oceania, we read a post on the New Security Beat from Volker Boege from the Toda Institute. The piece is based on a wider report

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TERA in Oceania: What Does Twenty-first Century Resiliency Look Like?

Oceania needs climate action now. The question is: What kind of action? The impetus for action in Oceania is increasingly focused on adaptation strategies and building resiliency since mitigation efforts have long gestation periods. Adaptation and Resiliency Adaptation is the

Electrification in Oceania: Case Study of the Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is largest island nation in Oceania in terms of land area, and the second largest nation by population (excluding Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea). It also is the least electrified. Less than 20% of the

Exploring Secure Tenure in Urban Bangladesh

Adequate, affordable and accessible housing for low-income, informal and slum settlements cannot be discussed or conceptualized in isolation from secure tenure. Doing so reiterates unsustainable development practices and notions that low-income and informal settlements do not have equal rights in

US Defense Assets in the Western Pacific

Some of the US’ most high-profile and valuable military and security assets in the Western Pacific are hosted by Pacific Island Countries (PICs).  This blog post will provide an overview of key US security assets in Oceania, their functions, and

Island Geological Profiles and Associated Risks

While there may be demographic, development, and economic factors that present disaster risks to Oceania states, the primary sources of disaster risk, particularly those resulting from climate change, stem from the geological foundations that make up tiny land masses these

Yes, Oceania is Strategically Important: A Case Study on the Marshall Islands

Oceania, a region unknown to many, has an outsized importance to the United States, and it is time the US started paying closer attention. A closer look at the Marshall Islands reveals the region’s historic military importance, American responsibilities in

Shifting Opportunity: Kiribati and Solomon Islands Establish Diplomatic Relations with Beijing

In September of this year, the governments of the Solomon Islands and Kiribati severed ties with Taipei in favor of establishing formal diplomatic relations with Beijing. The Solomon Islands initially recognized Taiwan in 1986, with their decision in September effectively

Compact of Free Association – A Brief History and Modern Contextualization

Following the end of World War II, the United Nations established the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (TTPI) in 1947 to administer the Pacific island territories once held by Japan during the war. Initially, the TTPI was administered by