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Vehicle Fuel Economy: The Intersection of Energy Security and GHG Mitigation

Improving fuel economy of road vehicles is an important objective for countries around the world. Even major oil exporters would benefit economically from consuming less of the oil they produce. For those countries that rely on oil imports to meet

Shifting the Cost of Desalination to Renewables: How the Private Sector is Getting Involved in the US and India

The world’s largest concentrated solar plant (CSP) opened earlier this year in California, and the United States is not alone in its quest to become a major supplier of solar power, and to shift the demand for power necessary to

Three Drivers for Energy Efficiency Emissions Reductions

There are a handful of promising venues for reducing global emissions, one of which is energy efficiency. Much of the appeal of energy efficiency is that, in addition to enabling emissions reductions, finding ways to do more with less energy

Energy Efficiency Carbon Mitigation Potential in the EU

Energy Efficiency[1] Background While Europe’s compact city design bodes well for transportation emissions mitigation, the aging buildings that comprise these cities poses a completely different set of challenges.  The buildings of the EU are responsible for 1.5 GtCO2e/year. This comes

Emissions Reductions in the Transportation Sector in the EU

The European Union accounted for 22% of overall transportation sector emissions, placing it second behind the United States which has a 29% share (Ibid). Transport emissions reductions are a challenge in Europe, as they have been a proven leader in

The Iron and Steel Industry in China: Part II

Please click here to access part I of this blog post. Market Barriers China’s growing import of iron ore and coking coal from abroad has resulted in a predicament of overreliance on a few key exporters, Australia, Brazil, and India,

The Iron and Steel Industry in China: Part I

These two blog posts will be my final contribution to the Major Economies and Climate Change Research Group prior to us uploading our China country paper. These posts will focus on China’s iron and steel industry’s current emissions and industrial

China’s Airpocalypse: It Affects You (Americans)

Just when Americans think China’s pollution cannot get any worse, it is making headlines again. Except this time, it is getting a little closer to home. A report by the University of California Irvine reveals China’s pollution is traveling across

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Barriers to Low-Carbon Transport in India

There are significant political, cultural, and financial barriers to implement long-lasting transportation reforms in India. To begin, scaling projects from the national to the local level, or even from one locality to another has been a long-standing issue in India. Though

Introduction to the Smart Grid, Pt. 2

 What are the barriers to implementation?  As with any other large-scale and highly disruptive, proposed change, smart grids have faced opposition throughout the nation.  Challengers to the technology have cited a number of issues—in general, relatively valid issues—to back up

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