Busby Peer-Reviewed Publications

“Turning the Carbon Supertanker: Sectoral Feasibility of Climate Change Mitigation in China” with Xue Gao and Sarang Shidore, Energy Research and Social Science. 2018

“When Decarbonization Meets Development: The Sectoral Feasibility of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in India” with Sarang Shidore, Energy Research and Social Science, 2017

“Social Movements and Market Transformations: Lessons from HIV/AIDS and Climate Change” with Ethan Kapstein, International Studies Quarterly. 2016

Busby Policy Pieces

– “Green Giants? Sectoral Obstacles and Opportunities to Reduce Carbon Emissions in China and India,” with Sarang Shidore and Xue Gao, Council on Foreign Relations, 2018

-“India Makes Progress on Solar, But Barriers Remain,” with Sarang Shidore, Council on Foreign Relations, 2017

– “What Will it Take to Turn Natural Gas Around in India,” with Sarang Shidore, Council on Foreign Relations, 2016

–  “After Paris: Good Enough Climate Governance” Current History, 2016

– “Now Comes the Hard Part: India’s Scope for Emissions Mitigation,” with Sarang Shidore, Council on Foreign Relations, 2015

– “How The United States Can Reinforce Chinese Action on Climate Change” with Sarang Shidore, Paulson Institute, 2015

– “Framing Memo for the Workshop: Key Regional Actors and Sector Opportunities for International Climate Change Cooperation”, Stanley Foundation, 2015

Conference Proceedings

Key Actors and Sector Opportunities for US and International Climate Change Cooperation, Stanley Foundation, 2015

Sector Group Papers 2014
– Agriculture and LULUCF pdf  Summary
– Energy Production pdf  Summary
– Energy Efficiency pdf   Summary
– Short-Lived Forcers pdf  Summary
– Transport pdf   Summary

Country Group Papers 2014
– United States pdf  Summary
– China pdf  Summary
– India pdf  Summary
– Europe pdf   Summary
– Brazil and Indonesia pdf  Summary
– South Korea, South Africa, Turkey, and Mexico pdf  Summary 
– Russia, Japan, Canada, and Australia pdf   Summary


DC1, Climate Advisers 2014
DC2, State Department, 2014

Additional Policy Publications by Joshua Busby
– “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Climate Talks,” The Stanley Foundation, 2014
– “The G-20 and Climate Change: Beyond Goal Setting at Brisbane,” The Stanley Foundation, 2013
–  “Time for a Safety Check: China’s Nuclear Power Sector after Fukushima,” Long Term Strategy Group, 2011
– “China and Climate Change: A Strategy for Engagement,” Resources for the Future, 2010
– “After Copenhagen: Climate Governance and the Road Ahead,” Council on Foreign Relations, 2010
–  “Prospect for International Climate Cooperation and the Importance of Domestic Action in the United States,” Commentary for FACET, American Institute for Contemporary German Studies, 2009
– “The Need for Power: Implications of Chinese Energy Security and Climate Change Policies for Sino-American Relations,” Center for a New American Security, 2009

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