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Legacy Site

This is a legacy site from a year long Policy Research Project on climate change and the major economies. To see some of my subsequent work in this space, go to my professional webpage.

Shifting the Cost of Desalination to Renewables: How the Private Sector is Getting Involved in the US and India

The world’s largest concentrated solar plant (CSP) opened earlier this year in California, and the United States is not alone in its quest to become a major supplier of solar power, and to shift the demand for power necessary to

Energy Efficiency as a Solution to Turkey’s Growing Energy Demand

Three-quarters of Turkey’s emissions come from the energy sector. Not only is energy already the greatest source of emissions, the demand is also growing steadily. In 2010 the demand rose by 9.4%, almost double the world average of 5.6% and

Challenges of a Growing Population: China

By 2030, The Economist projects 1 billion Chinese, or 70 percent of the population, will live in urban centers compared to 50 percent in 2014. This presents a great challenge to the cause. In an effort to spread out the

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EPA Clamps Down on Emissions from Natural Gas Production

On April 15, 2014, EPA released five technical white papers on potentially significant sources of emissions in the oil and gas sector. The papers covered compressors, emissions from well completions and ongoing production of hydraulically fractured oil wells, methane leaks,

EU Emissions Reduction Success Stories

This blog post will examine some EU emissions reduction success stories that are often ignored because they aren’t occurring in the largest economies of the region. It will explore whether or not there is opportunity for the strategies of smaller

Mexico: Will Climate Change Promises Be Only Rhetoric?

In 2010, Mexico was the 11th largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world, emitting 688.25 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent according to the World Resources Institute’s Climate Analysis Indicator’s Tool (CAIT).  Overall, this is 1.55% of global

What does the Indian General Election mean for Climate Change?

As more than 850 million Indians look to elect a new government this year, it is not clear if “election issue” for any of the major political parties. None of the parties have actively campaigned using the climate change or environmental sustainability

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Final Project Presentation April 22

The IPCC Working Group III Report on Climate Mitigation in 11 Tweets

The IPCC released the Working Group III summary report for policymakers on Sunday. I wrote about the Working Group II report on impacts on The Monkey Cage. Working Group III covers climate mitigation, that is the challenges of reducing greenhouse gases. Tonight, I read

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