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The World’s Most Attractive Solar Markets

The solar energy industry is growing as a very promising, international opportunity for investment. Therefore IHS Technology,  a “global information company with world-class experts in the pivotal areas shaping today’s business landscape” compiles a quarterly assessment of the “attractiveness profile”

Mexico’s Renewables: Opportunities in Wind and Solar

In December 2013, legislation was passed breaking the 75 year state monopoly of oil, gas and electricity.  This creates an important opportunity for private and foreign investment in Mexican energy production, especially in renewables with large potential, like wind and

Mexico: Will Climate Change Promises Be Only Rhetoric?

In 2010, Mexico was the 11th largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world, emitting 688.25 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent according to the World Resources Institute’s Climate Analysis Indicator’s Tool (CAIT).  Overall, this is 1.55% of global