Clario generates the richest clinical evidence. Fusing its deep scientific expertise and global scale into the broadest endpoint terminology platform, Clario empowers partners to transform lives.

Clario is the vendor that provides the architecture for the NPRQI Data Platform.

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NPRQI Data Platform Security


  • Authentication occurs through Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS).
  • User password requirements adhere to industry standard/best practice for credential management.


A strong authorization management approach ensures that all operations (e.g., record creation or deletion) may only be triggered by authorized users or the system (e.g., automated processes).


    • All communication for data in transit is encrypted.
    • Data is encrypted at rest in the datacenter using storage volume encryption.
    • Encryption levels are based on industry standard, and we apply strong encryption key management.

    Disaster Recovery and Backup

    Disaster Recovery, Backup and Restoration policies and procedures are regularly tested, and systems are continually monitored for disruptions, resource availability, and adherence to performance benchmarks.

    HIPPA Compliant

    • Meets HIPAA requirements (patient-level) and protected by the Patient Safety Quality Improvement Act (site-level)
    • Limited Protected Health Information (PHI) Date and time of visit
    • Exempt from Institutional Review Boards (IRB)
    • Work falls under the umbrella of the Patient Safety Quality Improvement Act (PSQIA)

    Secure Login Credentials

    Each site/user receives individual secure login credentials with password protection. Performance dashboards can only be viewed by users with secure login credentials associated with their site.

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