Department of Chemistry UT Austin X-ray Diffraction Facility

The X-ray diffraction lab is a multi-functional facility that services the needs of the UT Austin scientific community.  The X-ray lab has a variety of equipment for both single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction experiments.  Samples may be submitted for analysis to the lab manager (XRD submission form) or, upon completion of the instrument training course and the University’s radiation safety training course (OH-306) and general lab safety requirements (OH-101 and OH-201), individual users can run their own samples.

Non-UT users should contact the X-ray lab manager for instructions on how to submit samples via email.

The department houses seven X-ray diffractometers.  There are three single crystal diffractometers.  Each has its own low-temperature controller to collect data in a nitrogen atmosphere at reduced temperatures.  For powder diffraction, there are two conventional powder instruments and one instrument, the Rigaku R-Axis Spider, which can be used for both powder diffraction and room temperature single crystal diffraction.

TTF-Calixpyrrole encapsulating a Li doped C60 molecule.
Contribution from the Sessler group, JACS, 133, 15938-15941, 2011.