Author: Caleb Ray
Caleb Ray is pursuing an MA in Global Policy Studies at the LBJ School of Public Affairs and a JD from the University of Texas Law School. Before coming to the University of Texas, Caleb earned a BA in Anthropology from Lawrence University in Appleton, WI. He also served as an Agroforestry Peace Corps volunteer the Republic of Guinea and an Americrops volunteer at a Soil and Water Conservation District in Ottertail County, Minnesota. He speaks French and is interested in sustainable management and use of natural resources to facilitate development. His ultimate goal is to be involved with implementing environmentally sustainable development policies, either at home or abroad.

Moving Towards Resiliency: Locating Informal Settlements in Oceania

Informal settlements are growing throughout the world. Their exact locations and populations are difficult to determine, however, given their inherently spontaneous and sporadic nature. Informal settlements are also uniquely vulnerable to environmental hazards, as they often consist of poor quality,

Rejecting Reality: Kiribati’s Shifting Climate Change Policies

In December 2015, world leaders passed the groundbreaking Paris Agreement at the 21st United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP 21). In early December, world leaders met again in Madrid at COP 25 to negotiate details

Misleading Maps: Challenges of Displaying Data in Oceania

My first post reviewed the challenges of creating and maintaining data sets in Oceania. My second discusses how this will affect our research, specifically our maps. Our goal is to “evaluate the adequacy of preparations for climate-related natural disasters …

Disparate Data Sets: Information Challenges in Oceania

The purpose of our capstone course is to evaluate climate-change related disaster preparedness in a subset of Oceania to identify vulnerabilities and prioritize “action areas for the US to address climate-related risks.” Our ability to meaningfully identify areas of risk

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