UT Drupal Kit

UT Drupal Kit 3.16.0 Release

The 3.16.0 release is part of the Drupal Kit’s normal, bi-monthly maintenance release schedule.

Starting with this release, we are no longer duplicating the content from the official release notes on this blog. Please visit the UT Drupal Kit 3 documentation for complete release notes and instructions for updating an existing codebase using Composer. Always be sure to check for available database updates after updating the codebase.

Next releases

The 3.x (Drupal 9) branch of the UT Drupal Kit is updated on a bi-monthly maintenance release schedule, with releases targeted for the fourth Tuesday of odd-numbered months. The next planned release is UT Drupal Kit 3.17.0, due in March 2024. Please see Release Schedule for UT Drupal Kit for more details.

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