Adding New Users

If you are at a TARO member institution and need to add a new user, contact the Chair or Vice-Chair of the Steering Committee:

Joining TARO as a new member repository

If you are at an institution interested in participating in TARO, we’d love to have you! The best place to start is emailing the Chair or Vice Chair. Once you’re ready to join, you will need to submit the following information:

  • Primary contact person: Name, email
  • Secondary contact person: Name, email (if possible)
  • Repository full name
  • Repository Address
  • Email: for reference questions (department emails are recommended)
  • Provide a repository logo image file.
  • Provide a brief repository blurb serving as a general overview of the collections at the repository (About summary)
  • Provide a URL to serve as an “about” link for the repository.
  • Provide a URL to be used as information for patrons wanting to access materials at the repository (This can be the same as the “About” URL).
  • Provide MARC Organization code to be encoded into EAD

Requirements for Participation

Potential participating institutions must have:

  • Collections with finding aids described on TARO should be in the legal custody of their respective institutions
  • Adequate staff to support ongoing work and governance of TARO, at a minimum, providing one representative who can be engaged in the TARO community listserv and serve as a repository point person for any errors or other finding aid questions which may arise
  • Collections that are open and accessible to the public for the purpose of education, research, and/or public programming, as evidenced by the number of days on which the institution is open to the public, the capacity to support access and use, and the availability of staff for this purpose
  • Willingness to release copyright of finding aids so the metadata can be shared on aggregators like ArchiveGrid.


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