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The Wildlife Trade in China: An Ill-Defined Problem

*This blog is part 3 of a 3 part series. Click here for Part 1—Conditioned Aid: A popular, but problematic policy option or here for Part 2—The Black Box of the Ivory Trade: Ivory Vendors* As I have mentioned in my

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Conditional Aid as a Policy Option

On April 11th, my peer Ana Ramirez and I journeyed to Beijing to interview individuals on strategies for reducing international demand for illegal wildlife products. We learned many things over our three days of interviews that challenged our previous understanding

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Addressing Wildlife Demand Reduction in China

The Chinese government, with the support of international wildlife NGOs, must implement a systematic approach to curbing the demand for wildlife products. A seemingly arbitrary cherry-picking of species with mixed motives—like that of curbing corruption—have garbled the message of wildlife

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