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China’s Clean Air Initiative?

While much of the world anxiously watched events unfold in Ukraine, on March 5th, to mark the beginning of China’s National People’s Congress, the Prime Minister, Li Keqiang, declared the central government’s commitment to reduce levels of air pollution. He

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Why the Dream of Clean, Cheap, and Distributed Electricity is so Difficult to Achieve

The citizens of Austin, Texas have touted the capital as a “green city” and the city council adopted a Climate Protection Program in 2012 toward that end. One of the plan’s 5 major goals was to reduce energy use by

Introduction to Power Production and Renewables

In 2010, electricity and heat production accounted for 41% of global CO2 emissions, representing the single largest contribution to greenhouse gas emissions on the sectoral level. Moreover, the sector’s emissions will likely continue to increase as developing countries strive to meet

Germany’s “Energy Poverty”

In the wake of the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor disaster of 2011, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a controversial plan to shut down all of Germany’s nuclear power facilities by 2022. The end goal of this plan is for 80 percent

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After Fukushima: Japan’s Climate and Energy Policy Under Review

The 2011 nuclear accident that occurred at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi reactor sent shockwaves through the nuclear power industry. The resulting lack of trust in the safety of nuclear power is causing countries around the world to reconsider their use of

China’s Five Year Plan: A Work in Progress

China has many reasons to celebrate the halfway mark of its twelfth Five Year Plan, implemented in 2011 with goals set for 2015. Serving as the economic and social development initiatives of the Communist Party of China, the Five Year