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China’s Clean Air Initiative?

While much of the world anxiously watched events unfold in Ukraine, on March 5th, to mark the beginning of China’s National People’s Congress, the Prime Minister, Li Keqiang, declared the central government’s commitment to reduce levels of air pollution. He

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Germany’s “Energy Poverty”

In the wake of the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor disaster of 2011, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a controversial plan to shut down all of Germany’s nuclear power facilities by 2022. The end goal of this plan is for 80 percent

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Meetings with EU Environmental Experts

During a trip to Brussels in October, I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Noriko Fujiwara from the Center for European Policy Studies, as well as Peter Zapfel, head of policy coordination in DG Climate Action at the European

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China’s Dark Matter

This is not the matter that you’re thinking of. On September 25, the Central Government announced the development and eventual launch of five research satellites by 2015. One of these will search the universe for dark matter. This, however, will

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China’s Synthetic Gas Revolution?

There’s little question that China’s coal dependency in economic growth has contributed to its air pollution and significantly impacted the health of its citizens. China relied on coal for 70 % of its electricity generation in 2009, and China consumes

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