Faculty Research Leaves

An absence from class that lasts longer than two contiguous weeks or three total weeks during a single semester is considered a research leave. Short term absences are described in the Faculty Absence Policy.

When a faculty member wishes to pursue a research leave, that faculty member should meet with his or her department chair, school director, or designee. Department chairs and school directors have the discretion to grant research leaves for part or all of a semester, subject to review and approval by the dean. These research leaves can take many forms including teaching load reductions, an extended absence from teaching duties, a funded research leave or other arrangement.

The College of Fine Arts sanctions two faculty leave programs which provide the department or school with teaching replacement funds while a faculty member is on research leave:

  • Faculty Research Assignments (FRA) are competitive and proposals are usually due in September.
  • Dean’s Fellows are recommended to the dean by the department chair or school director during each spring semester.

Regardless of the source of funding for a research leave, and including cases where the research leave is unfunded, a Faculty Request for Leave Form must be completed and routed to the Dean’s Office in advance of the semester on research leave.

The university describes additional faculty leave policies in HOP 2-2210 Faculty Leaves and Special Academic Assignments.