Peer Evaluation Policy

Faculty should have regular reviews and observations of teaching assigned by the chair, director or his/her designee, but the faculty member bears equal responsibility to ensure these reports are accomplished. These will be part of the dossiers for promotion, third-year review, and comprehensive period review (CPR).

Review schedule

  • Assistant Professors should have a minimum of two peer teaching observation reports in their Third Year Review and a minimum of four reports for tenure promotion file.
  • Associate Professors should have a minimum of three peer teaching observation reports in dossier for promotion
  • Non-tenure Track Faculty should have a minimum of three peer teaching observation reports in the dossier for promotion.
  • A minimum of one peer teaching observation report from the six year period under review should be in the dossier for Comprehensive Periodic Review.

Peer observation reports should include the following, per provost’s guidelines:

  • Number and title of course observed
  • Date of report
  • Date of classroom observation
  • Description of methods by which instructor engages students in learning
  • Date on which the observation was discussed with the candidate
  • Constructive advice
  • Any specific improvements from previous peer observation reports
  • Name and signature of observer(s)

Consistent with these guidelines, each department and school may set internal policy on peer teaching observation reports.

Information on how to conduct a peer classroom observation is available on the Peer Teaching Observation web page of the Faculty Innovation Center.


Page last updated: 2/7/2019