Resource: Research Guides

To facilitate and encourage research abroad, SRAS recently launched a series of guides on GeoHistory, a part of their Family of Sites. 

Our guides include a general introduction:

They also have several individual guides. These currently include AVPRI, AVP, GARF, RGASPI, RGALI, and The Russian State Library. You can view all current entries here:

As you likely already know, bureaucratic requirements in Russia tend to change quite regularly. Therefore, they’d like to ask you to inform them of anything that you know of that might need to be updated in these guides. They are bullet-pointed for quick review of issues like documents needed for a propusk, maximum delo that can be requested at one time, and overall ease of entry and working within the archive, for instance.

If you have researched at an archive or facility not listed here, they’d also love to include that facility in our list of guides. You can find a rubic to fill out here:

If you have a good picture of the facility (inside or outside) they’d love to see them for any new entry – or to update their old entries.

Any questions/updates can be directed to .