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Southern Conference on Slavic Studies and Association for Women in Slavic Studies (Alabama)

Southern Conference on Slavic Studies (SCSS) and Association for Women in Slavic Studies (AWSS)
Date: March 14-17, 2019

SCSS and AWSS are meeting together in historic Mobile Alabama in 2019!

SCSS is the oldest and most active regional affiliate of the Association of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES). It promotes Slavic Studies in all disciplines throughout the Southern region of the United States, encompassing 14 Southern states from Virginia to Texas. The annual meeting provides a supportive and welcoming atmosphere, particularly for students but for established scholars as well, to present research and make connections.  AWSS will hold its 9th Biennial Conference in Mobile in March 14, 2019, in conjunction with SCSS. The AWSS Conference Theme, “Crossing Borders in Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Women’s and Gender Studies,” seeks to draw attention to the myriad ways that Slavic Women’s and Gender Studies increasingly breaches national, disciplinary, and chronological boundaries.  AWSS and SCSS participants can register here for both conferences (one registration fee includes both conferences) and are encouraged to engage with both events. The AWSS Conference will be held all day on March 14, 2019, and will culminate in the joint AWSS/SCSS Reception on Thursday evening. The SCSS conference will begin with the Thursday reception and continue through Saturday. Plan to partake of both events.
For more information:

CFP: 2019 Southern Conference on Slavic Studies (Mobile, AL)

Deadline for Submissions: January 25, 2019 (Extended)

57th Annual Meeting 
Southern Conference on Slavic Studies
Mobile, AL
March 14-17, 2019

The Fifty-Seventh Annual Meeting of the Southern Conference on Slavic Studies (SCSS) will be held at the Battle House Renaissance Mobile Hotel & Spa in Mobile, Alabama, March 14-17, 2019. The meeting will be hosted by the University of South Alabama. The SCSS is the largest of the regional Slavic and Eurasian Studies associations and its programs attract national and international scholarly participation. The purpose of SCSS is to promote scholarship, education, and in all other ways to advance scholarly interest in Russian, Soviet, and East European studies in the Southern region of the United States and nationwide. Membership in SCSS is open to all persons interested in furthering these goals.

The John Shelton Curtiss Lecture at the Friday Banquet will be given by Dr. Kate Brown, Professor of History at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County. Dr Brown is the author of numerous critically-acclaimed monographs, including A Biography of No Place (2004), Plutopia (2013), and Dispatches from Dystopia (2015).  Her banquet talk, derived from her forthcoming book, is titled “Manual for Survival: A Chernobyl Guide to the Future.”

Papers from all humanities and social science disciplines are welcome, as is a focus on countries other than Russia/USSR. We encourage participation from scholars of all Slavic, East European, and Eurasian regions. Papers can be on any time period and any topic relevant to these regions. Continue reading

CFP: ’19 Midwest Slavic Conf. (Ohio State Uni)

Deadline for Submissions: January 21, 2019 (EXTENDED)

2019 Midwest Slavic Conference
April 5-7th, 2019
The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

The Midwest Slavic Association and The Ohio State University (OSU) Center for Slavic and East European Studies (CSEES) have announced the 2019 Midwest Slavic Conference to be held at OSU in Columbus, OH on April 5-7, 2019. Conference organizers invite proposals for panels or individual papers addressing all topics related to the theme “1989 and its Effects on Central and Eastern Europe”. Preceding this year’s conference, Dr. Dorin Uritescu (York University) will present the 22nd Annual Kenneth E. Naylor Memorial Lecture, entitled “Geolinguistic Variation and Language Change in Romanian,“ on Friday, April 5th at 4:00PM. The conference will then open at 5:30PM with a keynote address by Dr. Vitaly Chernetsky (U. of Kansas) that will focus on cultural representations of the fall of Communism in Ukraine and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Building on the keynote address, a plenary panel focusing on the larger political, economic, and social impacts of 1989 will follow on Saturday morning. Panels by conference participants will then commence on Saturday from 10:45AM-5:30PM and Sunday from 8:30AM-12:30PM.

Please send a one-paragraph abstract and a brief C.V. in a single PDF format file to by January 14th. Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to participate.

Please note that the conference will not provide any lodging for any participants. Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply for travel grants to cover all travel costs. Email if any documentation is needed to apply for funds.

More information is available at the Conference website.

Continue reading

CFP: 51st Annual ASEEES Convention (San Francisco)

Submissions due by February 15, 2019

51st Annual ASEEES Convention
San Francisco Marriott Marquis
Saturday, November 23 – Tuesday, November 26, 2019
 [Please note the different pattern of dates than usual]
Convention Theme: Belief

The Proposal Submission is now
ALL submissions – panel, roundtable, individual paper, lightning round presentation, and meeting request submissions – are due by February 15, 2019.

Rules for Participation:  Please carefully review the rules for participation:

NEW: Starting 2019, the panel proposals may have minimum of 3 to maximum of 4 paper presentations.

Gender diversity on panels and roundtables is strongly encouraged.

If your individual paper submission was accepted in 2018, you cannot submit another individual paper proposal in 2019. Please form/join a panel.

Panelists Wanted Boards: We are anticipating a large number of proposals for the 2019 Convention. Individual paper submissions will have a MUCH LOWER chance of being accepted than panel/roundtable proposals. We STRONGLY encourage all interested participants to form, or become part of, a panel proposal. To assist in the process of forming panels, we have created the Panel/Paper Wanted Board.  If you are looking for a panel to join or a paper presenter for your panel, please review the proposals on the online board. You can also indicate your willingness to volunteer as chair or discussant.

Membership Requirement: ALL individual paper and lightning round presentation submitters and panel/roundtable organizers in the US and abroad MUST be ASEEES members in order to submit a proposal. Please review the membership rules for participation. Renew your membership today:

With any inquiries about the convention, please contact Margaret Manges, the convention manager,  If you need assistance logging into the ASEEES members site or are experiencing other technical difficulties, please contact

CFP: The New Landscape of International Relations: Globalism vs Populism (Paris)

Abstract Due: January 20, 2019

AGS International Graduate Student Conference 2019

The New Landscape of International Relations: Globalism vs Populism

Event date: Friday, April 26, 2019
Event Location: American Graduate School in Paris, 101 Blvd Raspail, 75006 Paris, France

The American Graduate School in Paris (AGS) is now accepting paper submissions for its 2019 International Graduate Student Conference on the theme: The New Landscape of International Relations: Globalism vs Populism? Continue reading

Symposium: Monterey Summer Symposium on Russia (Monterey, CA)

Appilcation Deadline: March 1, 2019

Middlebury Institute of International Studies

MSSR, funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York, is an annual 7-week long program for which twelve distinguished fellows from the top MA and PhD programs in the United States and Europe are selected. The main goals of the Monterey Symposium are to offer a unique, comprehensive curriculum on Russia and U.S.-Russian relations and to nurture a new cohort of U.S. and European experts on Russia.

Monterey Summer Symposium on Russia Program Highlights: 

Dr. Thomas Graham and Ambassador John Tefft will be the keynote speakers of the Monterey Summer Symposium on Russia 2019

  • Practicalities of diplomacy in U.S.-Russian relations by Ambassador John Tefft of the Wilson Center, Michael Kimmage of Catholic University of America, and Jon Finer of the Council on Foreign Relations.
  • History of Runet and the rise of Russia’s security state through the internet by Irina Borogan and Andrei Soldatov of
  • Harvard Negotiation Boot Camp and simulation of the crisis in Eastern Ukraine by Arvid Bell and Taylor Valley of the Davis Center at Harvard University.
  • History of Russian culture and literature by Professor Andrei Zorin of the University of Oxford and Arkady Ostrovsky of the Economist.
  • U.S.-Russian relations by Dmitri Trenin of the Carnegie Moscow Center, Feodor Voitolovsky of IMEMO, and Matthew Rojansky of the Kennan Institute.
  • Russian society, elites, and ethno-politics by Dr. Lev Gudkov of the Levada Center and Dr. Emil Pain and Professor Petrov of the Higher School of Economics.
  • History of lab-to-lab cooperation by Dr. Siegfried Hecker of Stanford University.
  • U.S.-Russian nonproliferation cooperationby Dr. William Potter and Sarah Bidgood of the Center for Nonproliferation Studies.
  • Russia in Northeast Asia by Alexander Gabuev of the Carnegie Moscow Center, Ambassador Park of the Republic of Korea’s Foreign Ministry, and Professor Hu Yong of Peking University.
  • Russia in the Middle East by Dr. Hanna Notte of The Shaikh Group and Vasily Kuznetsov of the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies, the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • Russian history and art by Dr. Andrei Tsygankov of San Francisco State University and Natalia Sevagina of the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.
  • Russian leading news, culture, and history portalsby Yury Saprykin of Polka, Philip Dzyadko of Arzamas Academy, and Ilya Krasilshchik, formerly of Meduza

CFP: Przekładaniec Journal of Translation Studies (Krakow)

Deadline: January 30, 2019

Poetry Translation East-West by Zakhar Ishov and Michał Mrugalski

Poetry translation is perpetually enveloped in a paradox: on the one hand, “poetry is what gets lost in translation” (Frost 1995, Croce 1926, Jakobson 1959); on the other, practiced since antiquity, poetry translation has been universally a major moving force behind cultural transfer (Highet 1957, Steiner 1975: 251, Venclova 1979).

In this special themed issue of Przekładaniec we will consider the cultural history, theory and practice of poetry translation in the Slavic context, especially the transfer between Slavic literatures and languages and Western ones. This space is fraught with tensions and contrasts, but sometimes also with parallels and overlaps from grammatical to prosodic ones, from cultural to political, etc. etc. The dichotomy of translatability-untranslatability implies a continuous “accretion of meaning in the process of translational transformations” (Lotman 1990: 3). Each poetic “rewriting” (Lefevre 1992) of texts presupposes an equivalent rewriting of theories as well (Flotow 2000; Munday 2007; Venuti 2013). Therefore, we invite proposals that deal not only with Western-Slavic practices of poetry translation, but also Slavic translation theories. Continue reading

CFP: Wisconsin Slavic Conference

Deadline: January 21, 2019

Wisconsin Slavic Conference | March 29-30, 2019

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Abstracts for 20-minute presentations on any aspect of Slavic literatures, cultures (including film, music, and the visual arts), linguistics, and history are invited for the annual Wisconsin Slavic Conference (formerly AATSEEL-Wisconsin). Comparative topics and interdisciplinary approaches are welcome and encouraged! The conference will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Friday and Saturday, March 29th and 30th, 2019.

A recent conference program for reference is available here. Continue reading

CFP: “On the Edge: An Interdisciplinary Forum on Innovation, Modernity, and Trends (UVA)

Deadline to Submit Abstracts: February 1, 2019 

“On the Edge”:  An Interdisciplinary Forum on Innovation, Modernity, and Trends

The University of Virginia
Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures
March 29 – 30, 2019

The modern world is punctuated by periods of innovation, revolution, and change. As we conceive of monumental breakthroughs throughout history and across cultures, we look to individuals and movements that have challenged the status quo and broke with accepted norms and traditions. This forum is dedicated to challenging contemporary and historical perceptions and values, identifying outlying ideas and trends, and investigating tensions between the old and the new. How do emerging trends, innovations, and new social outlooks affect our thinking and our society? How do revolutions and uprisings help us understand our particular milieus and our global world? What are the interrelationships between political, economic, scientific, and social change?  Continue reading

CFP: Canadian Association of Slavists Annual Conference (Vancouver)

Deadline to Submit: January 18, 2019

Canadian Association of Slavists annual conference is approaching! Paper and panel proposals are due by January 19th. All are welcome, but note that you will need to join the Canadian Association of Slavists to attend the conference. See below for details:

Canadian Association of Slavists Annual Conference
June 1-3, 2019
University of British Columbia, Vancouver


The annual conference of the Canadian Association of Slavists will take place at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC) in early June 2019. The CAS Annual Conference is held as a part of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences with more than 70 national associations in attendance. The theme of the 2019Congress is “Circles of Conversation.” More information is available here: Continue reading