Professional Development: US-Russia Pre-Professional Network

RAF’s mission broadly is to increase understanding and cooperation between members of the public in the United States and Russia. The USRP is a growing network of students interested in Russian language and culture, and in pursuing work related to the US-Russia sector. Our members emanate from more than 30 states and 70 academic institutions. Our website,, provides more information on the USRP and the students we serve.

Membership is free for all.

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Language Training Resource: Russian Textbook Online Companion

The authors of Panorama (of which I am one) and Rodnaya Rech’ are delighted to inform you that the online companion website (what we used to call the electronic workbook) for our respective textbooks will soon be online (Rodnaya Rech) better than before (Panorama) for the fall 2021 semester! (Panorama’s online companion website is already up, Rodnaya Rech’s website will be up by August 1.)

Panorama is an intermediate-level textbook for learners of Russian as a foreign language, while Rodnaya Rech’ is a textbook for heritage learners.

You can learn more about each book at these links:

For Panorama:
For Rodnaya Rech’:

The online websites provide lots of exercises that are self-correcting AND you can link them to your class so that your students homework grades are accessible to you by a click of a link. And yes, the online website does work with Blackboard, Canvas, and other Learning Management Systems.

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Mentoring Project Based Language Learning Teachers Program (University of Hawai’i)


Are you a new or developing Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL) practitioner looking for support and guidance as you plan and incorporate PBLL in your classes? Then consider joining our Mentoring PBLL Teachers Program as a mentee.

The Mentoring PBLL Teachers program leverages the experience and expertise of a skilled cadre of veteran PBLL practitioners as resources supporting the professional learning of the rising generation of new PBLL practitioners. The mentors will be world language teachers who have completed an NFLRC PBLL Summer Institute, professional development offered by the Buck Institute for Education / PBLWorks, or other extended professional learning,  and have implemented PBLL in their classes. The mentees are world language teachers who are interested in learning about PBLL and how to implement PBLL in their classrooms. One mentor will be paired with one mentee through a semester to provide support and consultation about PBLL. Mentors will also share their personal experiences and knowledge in adopting PBLL. Mentors and mentees will use open educational resources (OERs) on PBLL developed by NFLRC as supporting materials. The mentoring will be conducted virtually via email, phone, or videoconferences with at least 5 meetings. 

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Resources: Archive of Interviews with US Ambassadors

At a time when dialogue between American and Russian diplomats is reduced to a bare minimum and when empathy and civility fall short of diplomacy between major powers, we are pleased to introduce The Ambassadorial Series. It is a compilation of conversations with eight outstanding American diplomats who served at various points of time as U.S. ambassadors to the Soviet Union and, after its dissolution, to the Russian Federation.

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Resources: Online course in Ukrainian literature and culture

Deadline: Open Until Filled

Literatura: an online course in Ukrainian literature and culture

Intensive summer course: 10 June- 29 July 2021

This online course is for anyone who is interested in Ukrainian literature. The course will discuss the romantics and the avant-garde, the modernists and the dissidents, the post-modernists and the feminists as well as the rich literary scene of contemporary Ukraine. Each seminar will be delivered by an expert in the field of Ukrainian literature. All texts will be read in the English translation and made available to students enrolled on the course. No prior knowledge of the Ukrainian language or literature is required to enrol on this course. Those who attend all seminars will receive a certificate of completion.


£200 (£150 students) for 8 seminars OR £25 per seminar

How to enroll

If you wish to join this course or you have any queries, please email

Study Abroad: Hungarian Studies Balassi Scholarship

Deadline: April 29, 2021

Call for scholarship application of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary for the credit-based Hungarian Language and Hungarian Studies Programme in the academic year of 2021/2022.

The scholarship is intended for individuals of non-Hungarian citizenship (and of non-Hungarian decency) to increase their Hungarian language competence and “Hungarology” knowledge acquired at universities outside Hungary.

The objective of the Hungarian Language and Hungarian Studies scholarship is to improve, broaden and strengthen the Hungarian language skills and “Hungarology” knowledge of graduate or undergraduate students of Hungarian studies. The two-semester course takes place in the MFA in Budapest with the cooperation of the University of Pécs and with KKM Magyar Diplomáciai Akadémia Kft. (KKM MDA Kft., a background institution of the MFA)

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Study Abroad: Nemtsov Summer Journalism School (Prague)

Deadline: April 10, 2021

The Boris Nemtsov Foundation is pleased to announce its 4th Summer School of Journalism to be held in mid-July, 2021. It is a fully-funded program. The deadline for submitting applications is April 10th, 2021 (23:59 Prague time (UTC + 1). You can apply by clicking on the link:

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