Study Abroad in Siberia (SRAS)

Deadline: March 1, 2020

Invite your students to experience this awesome 5-week summer opportunity: New Global Seminar from University of California, San Diego and supported by SRAS: Mission Siberia!

LTEU 152GS looks at indigenous identity through a comparison of Native Americans in the US and the largest indigenous group in Russia, the Buryats, and issues of race, ethnicity, and power vis a vis the dominant culture. Emphasis is on the strength of indigenous identity based on literature and culture, tradition, and religion, as well as its intersections with gender, sexuality, age, and other categories of identity.  An extensive program of field trips and meetings with members of the Buryat community, along with abundant internet resources related to Native American culture and identity will provide a rich base of primary source material for students’ analysis.

LTEU 153GS explores physical and biological characteristics of Lake Baikal, the oldest and deepest lake in the world, risks to its survival, and changes already observed in the ecosystem. It also delves into Baikal’s cultural significance in arts, literature, and religion, political, historical, and economic issues. Students will be involved in research, service projects, and experiential learning. A central focus of our discussions will be the form and function of various texts relating to these issues—scientific texts, personal narrative, literature, journalism, etc…

Students of all majors are encouraged to apply. All US undergraduates are eligible. For both courses, Russian language instruction will be integrated according to student proficiency. NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF RUSSIAN IS REQUIRED!

Contact: Rebecca Wells at or Jim Galvin at UCSD Programs Abroad (858) 534-1123.