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Climate vs. Environment: Methane in Brazil’s Cattle Sector

Agriculture is big business in Brazil. The country is currently the largest global exporter of beef products, the second largest exporter of soybeans, and the fourth largest exporter of cotton and pork. Brazil’s agribusiness boom over the last 15 years

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Climate Smart Agriculture: More Rice, Less Methane

Rice is one of the most widely consumed commodities in the world. Ninety percent of global rice production takes place in Asia with over half of the world’s rice grown just in China and India. But while rice has beneficial nutritional

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Brazil, CDM, and Biogas

Brazil has been actively taking advantage of the Clean Development Mechanism program. The country, which is responsible for developing the concept of CDMs, undertakes more CDM projects than any other Latin American country; globally only China and India have more.

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Reducing methane emissions through waste-to-bioenergy strategies

Aside from CO2, methane is the most prevalent greenhouse gas (GHG), with 7,195.56 MtCO2e of CH4 emitted every year (2010). The lifespan of methane, a short-lived atmospheric gas, is about 12 years. Because methane is a potent radiative forcer that only

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