Study Abroad: Maymester in Russia 2018 (Vanderbilt U.)

Deadline for Applications: January 20, 2018

Maymester in Russia 2018 Vodka, bears, long winters, The Cold War, Putin as dictator…Break through these and other stereotypes! Who is Putin, really? Is Russia still a superpower? Why is Russia doing that? Should we fear Russia? Are Russians more Asian or European? What do Russians think? F ind answers to these questions and more!

Spend four weeks in the ancient provincial city of Vladimir – one of Russia’s first capital cities and political-economic powerhouses – studying, serving, exploring, interacting with Russians from many different social groups, including Russian university students, and reflecting about your knowledge and perceptions of contemporary Russia.


Daily presentations, lectures and excursions focus on aspects of economics, political science, international relations, education, culture, history, sociology, law, religious studies, etc. Every effort is made to include something relevant to each participant’s area of interest.


To experience first-hand how history and current economic, political, sociol, educational, legal, and cultural developments intersect and impact specific groups in Russian society we work in several community organizations, possibly including the Vladimir Handicapped Children’s Association, a local preschool, a non-profit organization working with adult orphans, a local veterans’ home, the Russian Orthodox Church, a dog shelter being organized and built by three local retired women.

EXPLORING The schedule includes:
-Home stays (including home-cooked breakfasts and dinners)
-Conversations, dinners, and fun evenings with Russians from different social groups, including university students
-Excursions to UNESCO World Heritage Sites and other fascinating places
-Trips to Moscow, St. Petersburg (during the famous “White Nights”), Suzdal, Bogoliubovo, Murom, the rural village Schukhurdinovo
-Weekend at a dacha (summer home) with a Russian banya
-Concerts, ballet in St. Petersburg, and a soccer match
-Train, boat, bus, and bike rides

“…any expectations I could possibly have had were surpassed. …I participated in a culture without being a tourist…and spent [time] outside of my carefully constructed comfort zone. The experience was nothing short of changing my worldview.” (Vanderbilt University student)

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