Study Abroad: Central Asian Studies (SRAS)

Deadline for application: March 1, 2018

Central Asian Studies is an innovative program preparing students for international careers. Based in the fascinating and historically significant region of Central Asia, this program combines intensive language or linguistics study with courses on regional history and cultures.

Summer students focus on how issues of identity and ethnicity currently affect Kyrgyzstan and its diverse demographics. Students chose from two tracks: – either broadly studying culture, clan structure, history, language, art, folk crafts, and cuisine – or focusing deeply on linguistic anthropology in Kyrgyzstan. Urban/rural divides are also discussed with a week-long horseback trek into the mountains of Kyrgyzstan to directly introduce students to modern nomads and their way of life.

Central Asian Studies is for adventurous students looking to understand a militarily and economically vital part of the world where Islam and Christianity, as well as the interests of global and local groups mix and sometimes collide. You’ll gain a wider, fuller, first-hand perspective on geopolitics and societal formation for your future in government, business, or academia.

For more information and how to apply, see the SRAS website.